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November 18, 2004

The CSI effect

A recent article talked about the "CSI effect" and how it has had a negative effect on some jury members, because many people feel that the technology used on CSI already exists.

Today I play devils advocate :)

In relation to some of the "tests" they do, do you feel that this fictional or nearly fictional display of technology is good for the innovation in the areas of DNA analysis, testing, etc?

What are your other thoughts on the topic in general?


At 12:00 PM, Ricardo said...

First of all, hello!
It's my first comment on your site and find it to be very interesting. Great job.

As for the CSI Effect, I think it could be good and bad for biotechnology and even the general public.

First of all, this type of fiction can help engineers and scientists to better explain and acheive financing from the money holders who normally don't understand a word we say :)

The bad part would actually be the fact that some of the tests done on "CSI" are done way to quickly and some are so specific and accurate on first attempt that the general public would think that our efforts are too slow.

Well, this could give way to a long conversation but here's my first pebble :)

Ricardo (From Portugal)


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